Coloured Block Set - Tasmanian Oak - 25 PC

Coloured Block Set - Tasmanian Oak - 25 PC
Coloured Block Set - Tasmanian Oak - 25 PC
Coloured Block Set - Tasmanian Oak - 25 PC
Coloured Block Set - Tasmanian Oak - 25 PC

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Made in Australia.

Building blocks are a must have item for each child. Versatile, open-ended and very beneficial for learning and developing, building blocks can be used for so many play opportunities.

Building blocks provide so many learning opportunities for children, with physical skills such as stacking and balancing; creative skills such as using imagination and story telling to create different structures and add to play; cognitive skills such as planning and integrating play.

Our building blocks are made from certified sustainably grown Victorian Ash hardwood, grown right here in Victoria. They have a fantastic natural colour and feel. They are not coloured and would highly advise against staining or painting them.

The blocks are a premium hardwood, that is a select grade (highest quality available) so the the blocks have a premium feel rather than a timber finish feel. 

These blocks are not coloured or treated our blocks with any products. They have a smooth texture and the natural oils give a premium feel, but they are still grippy for little hands. 

The look and feel of our blocks are unrivalled, and the quality of the hardwood results in a much nicer block set than standard softwood blocks on the market.   

They are hard-wearing and won’t dent as easily as pine blocks will. They are heavier than pine blocks, however they are still able to be easily moved by children.

All of our block sets will be dispatched with a custom tray, made from sustainable radiata pine. 

100% of the materials in our block set are sustainably forested and re-planted.




Small Set 25 Piece

  • 5 x 126x42mm blocks
  • 10 x 84x42mm blocks
  • 10 x 42x42mm blocks

Large Set 25 Piece

  • 5 x 210x42mm blocks
  • 10 x 168x42mm blocks
  • 10 x 126x42mm blocks

Extra Large Set 81 Piece

  • 9 x 210x42mm blocks
  • 18 x 168x42mm blocks
  • 18 x 126x42mm blocks
  • 18 x 84x42mm blocks
  • 18 x 42x42mm blocks

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